Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cinta U-Turn

Faiz is the son of Datuk Shuib. A businessman who wishes to see his son one day takes over his business and marry’s the girl of his choice, Juliana. Faiz is very much pressured by this because she is the daughter of Datuk Jamal, his father’s best friend. The identity of Juliana caused qutie a stir when her photo got mixed up and Faiz wasn’t pleased with the girl in the photo that was presented to him. He furthermore paniced and decided to run away.

Faiz eventually befriended Hafiz and decided to work at a car repair shop. One day Juliana dropped by at the repair shop and had blown Faiz away with her beauty. He instantly fell in love with her and was willing to do anything to be with her. He finally got on her father’s good side and was offered a job as a driver and a personal bodyguard for Juliana. She was not pleased with this as it had disrupted her earlier plannings.

Things got more complicated when Datuk Jamal met Hafiz who was wearing the inherited necklace of Datuk Shuib. He brought him home and introduced Hafiz as his future son in law. With all that is happening Faiz begs that Hafiz continues on this charade. Will their true identites be revealed in the end?

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