Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cicakman 2: Planet Hitam

Genre: Action/Comedy
Director: Yusry
Cast: Saiful Apek, Tamara Blazensky, Fasha Sandha, Aznil Nawawi, Sharifah Amani, AC Mizal, Adlin Aman Ramli, Louisa Chong, Tamara Blaszensky
RunTime: 1 hr 50 mins
Released By: Cathay-Keris Films
Rating: PG

Opening Day: 11 December 2008


The evil Professor Klon is back… This time, not only to overthrow the Government and become the President of Metrofulus, but also to control the world’s supply of fresh water through his ingenious plan, “Black Water”. When our blue planet has only 72 hours before turning black, Cicakman comes to the rescue. But much to his surprise he faces his old enemies, Ginger Boys, who return even more powerful in a spiritual form… as Ginger Ghosts. In addition he is now faced with Professor Klon’s hired assassin, Rrama… an assassin who derives pleasure in killing as if it were a pure art form.

As the situation starts taking a downward spiral, even a super hero needs help. And much to his surprise, help appears in the most unexpected forms, including Danny his demised best friend, a powerful feng shui master and an unlikely party.

Apart from his heavy responsibilities to save the world, he also has his own personal dilemmas to address… that is Hairi vs. Cicakman. He has to resolve his personal feelings towards Tania, who is seeking the true identity of Cicakman… and he also has to choose whether to sacrifice his own life to save Iman (Danny’s blind sister).

Movie Review:

Every nation needs a hero. As much as we wish someone like Spider-man, Batman or Iron Man could save us if our sunny island ever met with a catastrophe, we can only live with the embarrassing superhero that was VR Man (type “James Lye” and “VR Man” in your search engine if you really had to find out more about the short lived TV superhero). Our friends over the causeway have better luck – they have Cicakman, and boy, is he one superhero we need in this time of depressing recession.

The sequel to the successful 2006 Malaysian comedy superhero movie reunites the characters, both good and bad, in a futuristic world where the baddie has plans to become the president of the government. He also wants to pollute the entire world’s waters and in turn control the earth’s water supply. What great ambitions from a villain, we say. Also returning are the Ginger Boys who have become Ginger Ghosts. The motley crew is rounded up by other supporting characters like an assassin who kills for art, a TV reporter who is determined to uncover the truth of her boyfriend, and an independent blind girl who conveniently becomes the baddie’s bait in the finale of the 110 minute movie.

Don’t worry – we didn’t catch CIcak-Man (mysteriously, the filmmakers decided to remove the hyphen and change the superhero’s name to “Cicakman” in this sequel) in action two years ago, and we didn’t have any problem following him as he slings around the metropolitan city with his, err, lizard tongue.

Just in case you didn’t know, a “cicak” is a gecko.

The sight of CIcakman swinging around the city ala Spider-man is highly amusing (he even flies past the Malaysian flag in one memorable scene). The sight of Cicakman sticking to walls is highly comical. The sight of Cicakman making chirping cicak noises with his hands cupped to his ears is highly side-splitting. And that is what this movie is all about – comedy.

Do not expect any self important themes and valiant topics to be explored in this entertaining production. And don’t even step into the theatre expecting any deep dark history which is making CIcakman unhappy – he is one loserly bloke which, well, sadly reminds us of the boring lives we lead, that is, until he needs to transform into Cicakman to save the world.

The other characters are also hilariously portrayed – a strangely dramatic and effeminate Professor Klon who just wants to be recognized for his efforts to destroy the world, a gorgeous but maniacal Rrama inspired by a killer butterfly and a showy gypsy Miss Chee who predicts the future of Cicakman, a spunky blind girl who does Cicakman’s laundry and cleans his room and a TV journalist who leaves CIcakman hopelessly in love.

If you are not expecting too much from an action superhero movie, this one doesn’t fare that bad because the computer generated effects aren’t that bad. There are also decent fight sequences which remind us of old Hong Kong action movies. It brings in the laughs every other single minute too, just that they aren’t the most original or intelligent sort.

Come on, in this times of depressing recession, it may be good to lighten up. Besides, when Spider-man, Batman and Iron Man are fully booked with their schedules, which superhero can make it in time to save the world in such dire times? Cicakman, of course!

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